Splash my School!

Experiments and challenges

Discovery games, designed as introductions or workshops for an activity around hydration in school, extracurricular and recreation centre environments,

Recycle plastic

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

When your water bottle is empty, you can put it in the special plastic bin…or create lots of games with it!

Water, tasty?

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

Do you think water doesn’t have a taste? Try this challenge and taste several different kinds of water blind. You’ll taste their differences and it’s surprising!

Play the hydrophone

3 - 6 years

A water xylophone is easy to make, pretty and good fun for raising awareness!

The pee laboratory

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

The chemist’s game to predict the colour of your pee! A simple activity to make children aware that clear urine is a good sign.