Splash my Family!

Info and decoration

To inform you about hydration and offer printable decorative elements, always to encourage our children to drink water!

The shades of urine

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

Did you know that the colour of your pee is the best way of knowing if you have drunk enough? Here’s a piece of paper everyone should put on the toilet wall!

The benefits of hydration

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

For adults: a folding brochure to print on both sides which indicates the benefits of healthy hydration for the human body and provides you with precious advice to develop the reflex of drinking water without waiting to be thirsty.

Quick guide: more water

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

For adults, a quick guide full of tips to encourage the drinking of water, not only for your kids but for you all! Print it out small as a reminder, or go big for everyone to see the importance of being healthy hydrated.

Reminder of the benefits of hydration and signs of dehydration

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

Mainly intended for adults, but also a useful reminder for children, a quick guide summarising the main benefits for health of regular hydration, which lists the signs of dehydration, so they don’t recur. Print out small, to slip into a pocket, or big, to put up on a wall!

Reach for your glass

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

Cut out labels for yourself and all your family. Everyone can recognise their glass!

Let’s deal with toilets

7 - 10 years

The toilet’s often an ugly place, but that was before! With all these labels, decorate the door and the walls. This might even make you want to go more often…