Splash Me!

Printable games

You can not only take your bottle of water with you everywhere, but also your games to play! Enjoy and have fun with your children with our printable games! The Aquajis are looking forward to meeting you!

The happy water families game

7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

It is not only about developing healthy habits with your children but also playing and growing as a family!

Play with the Aquajis and collect as many as possible!

The water game

7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

Questions, challenges and surprises, one thing’s sure: with this board game, you won’t get bored! The first to get to the finish wins. Ready? Go!

What do they have in common?

7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

Who will be the fastest to notice and name the two identical drawings on the cards? Play with all these elements and familiarise your children with healthy living!

Word search

7 - 10 years 11 - 13 years

How many words related to healthy nutrition and hydration habits can you identify? Who will be the first to find them all? Hurry up, the game starts now!

The maze of thirst

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

Can you find your way out of the maze to drink the large glass of water? 3 different possible ways out!

The 7 differences

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

Look carefully, these two bedrooms are not quite the same…

Who drinks the most water?

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

What are your family’s water needs? Did you know that the different parts of your body are composed of a lot of water? With this colouring game, you’ll learn a lot about this!

Big splash

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

Make your Aquajis colouring picture you can give to someone or put in your room!

Drop-by-drop drawing

7 - 10 years

Surprise! A drawing is hiding behind these drop-shaped dots. Join them up one by one to reveal it. Without taking your pencil off the paper, can you meet the challenge?

Water for all situations

3 - 6 years 7 - 10 years

Join up the drinks you’d like to drink at the different times of the day.

Sports time

7 - 10 years

Draw what you need to do some sport, with the key element: water! On your marks, set, go!

The water cycle

7 - 10 years

Put the main stages of the water cycle into the landscape!